Becoming a moral and ethique-based education center and development of engineerng and scientific development


  1. Carrying out a higher and sustainable education in technology and science;
  2. Improving the quality of education and teaching to achieve diciplined and kreative graduates;
  3. Increasing quality and quantity of research to develop and implement science and technology, as well as learning process development.


  1. Creating independent and critical graduates to the development of science and technology through sustainable integrated activities in education, research and social services;
  2. Achieving qualified innovative research product to support technological and scientific development relevant to industrial need in Indonesia;
  3. Developing social service activities to implement science and technology for the improvement of society empowerment;
  4. Making institutional management more efficient and effective for better governance of facilities and infrastructures in Engineering and Science Faculty;
  5. Expanding network cooperation to improve faculties’ skill in their diciplines.