Mechanical Engineering Study Programs

Accredited B


To become a higher institution of education that produce professional graduates in Energy Conversion, Mechanical Manufacture and Construction, and to contribute to national development.


  1. To educate human resources to become scholars who are able to implement and develop science and technology in Energy Conversion, Environmental Mechanical Manufacture and Construction.
  2. To educate human resources to become scholars with firm leadership qualities in producing  professionals in industrial fields, education, as well as research and development of humanity.


The aims the study program is to produce graduates with the following skills:

  1. identifying, formulating and implementing science and technology in the field of mechanical engineering science;
  2. implementing mechanical innovation concept in designing components/tools, system, and process to supply the need of engineering field;
  3. developing entrepreneurship concept which encourages creativity;
  4. understanding and giving commitment to ethics and profession in developing knowledge about mechanical engineering;
  5. To produce students with analytical skill in formulating and designing electrical, telecommunications, and multimedia computer systems.
  6. Our scientific activities include collaboration across faculties, students, and society. It’s supported by experienced faculty with master’s and doctorate degree in mechanical engineering development.

The students will have the opportunity to be granted academic scholarship, either from the government or other institutions, as follows:

  1. BBM (Student Learning Fund)
  2. PPA (Academic Achievement)
  3. DBO (Students’ Operational Fund)
  4. Academic and Non-Academic Achievement.